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Mike's 00 Lightning
Aka: Unreal

I had my 2000 3.8L (my Ex) in your Select Stangs quite a few times. Well, my father owns the White 2000 3.8L that is modded out to the maxx (well w/o the S/C or NOS) but NA. I just bought a new 5.4L S/C Lightning. A 2000 Model as well, and I love this truck/car. ;) It is Silver Metallic Clearcoat. Stock completly and I plan to keep it that way.

All in all, the trade was well worth it and I like the truck.

Thanks to Mustangworld and v6power members for all their support. <- The old stang.
::sniff:: at least I know where it is :-)

SVT let us drive the lightning for a day a few months back.. we know the feeling of 440lbs of torque... :-) - MW



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