Intl SN95 Late Model Mustang Owners Club

Our club is the Intl.SN95 Late Model Mustang Owners Club. We had club meet at Hooters and some members brought their Mustangs down to show off. The first time we had warm weather for a long time.

Get ready for our show on Sat. April 14 for Late Model Mustangs. Putting it on at Hooters. One of biggest shows last year, over 150 late model Mustangs at the show and all proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House of Charleston WV. info at

Here's my bright green 99 Mustang. My girl friend Angie who is a hooter girl took the picture & her friends were on my stang.

My 2001 Zinc Yellow stang it is at Roush right now getting a stage2 put on it.


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