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Chris' 2000 Steeda
Ellicott City, MD

I have had 5 Stangs in my life (79 LX5.0, 89 LX5.0, 96 Mystic Cobra, 99 Cobra & this beauty) and have enjoyed all of them. In Aug of 1999 Ford bought back my 99 Cobra due to the drivetrain vibration and I anxiously awaited my 2000 Cobra.

In June of 2000, after the cancellation of the Cobra, I came across an article in Motor Trend about the 2000 Steeda GT. Although a little more expensive than doing it myself, I lack the tools & space for mod work, I could not resist buying one especially since I had been driving a Explorer for over a year.

This Mustang is incredible! The best handling and fastest I have ever owned. Steeda dyno'ed this car and it put out 376.8 RWHP and 363 RWT. I have include the list of modifications Steeda does as part of their package as well as some pictures.

Note the awesome car seat (pic below), my 4 yearold loves this car almost as much as I do.

- Vortec S-Trim
- K&N Air Filter Charger
- 70MM TB
- Steeda Aluminum Ultra Cool Radiator
- Bassani Xpipe w/Cats & 2.5-inch Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust
- Steeda Sport Springs
- Tokico Illumina Struts/Shocks
- Steeda Alloy Strut Tower Brace
- Steeda Alloy G-Trac Brace
- Steeda Alloy Tubular Frame Rail Braces
- Steeda Camber Caster Plates
- Aluminum Lower Rear Control Arms
- Heavy Duty Upper Rear Control Arms
- Steeda Adjustable Rear Sway Bar
- Steeda tubular Front Sway Bar
- Brembo 13" Brake Kit
- Auburn differential fitted with 3.55:1 gears
- Aluminum driveshaft
- Billet Short Throw Shifter
- Steeda Shift Knob
- 18x9.0-inch Steeda Ulta-Lite wheels
- 285/35ZR18 Nitto 555 Extreme tires
- Steeda Cobra R hood & rear wing
- Steeda White Face Gauge Kit
- Steeda White Face Fuel/Boost Gauges
- Steeda Custom Floor Mats

haha. We really dig the Simpson child seat Chris ! - MW



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