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Steven's 99 Cobra update
(aka Slib)

The new stance

Thunder Hill pic

I've still got a few more mods up my sleeve but the ones done will have to suffice.....for now. :-)

Other than the AutoPower 4 pt roll bar going in next weekend (with V8VENOM's help) and a M&H 5 pt harness, here's the list.

ProM87 w/WMS Velocity tube
ASP Underdrive pulleys
Flowmaster DeltaFlow 40 series
Bassani X-pipe
Custom exhaust

UltraSport Rear

Griggs Tubular K-member and Control Arms w/ Delrin
Koni D/A Struts with 350# coil over springs
Bumpsteer kit
Griggs caster camber plates
Griggs steering shaft
IPS UltraSport Rear with HAL 16 way adjustable coil over
400lb HAL springs
3 inch aluminum drive shaft
4.10 gears
Griggs Lower Sub frame connectors
Griggs Upper Sub frame connectors

Griggs GR40-Front

AFS Cobra R 17x9(F) 17x10.5(R)
Yokohama A032R 275/40(F) 315/35(R)
Porterfield R4 front brake pads - Race Only
Stock PBR's for street
Recaro Style's
Autometer Phantom gauges
I/O Port Racing Harness bar and camera mount
MSD Shift light
Pro 5.0 w/ TriAx handle
Oddyssey battery in trunk
Griggs Brake Ducts

Trunk mounted battery with subliminal MustangWorld message

Griggs Upper Subframe Kit

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