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Eric T's 99 GT Update
(Stang was parked)

Here's an update to my mustang that was featured at url:

Current mods: Flowmaster 2-chamber mufflers
Cobra front end
Steeda shifter handle
MustangWorld bumper inserts

I had the cobra bumper put on because a careless landscaper scratched and
dented the front bumper of my car with his lawnmower while I was eating
lunch a few months ago. The bumpers were the same price, so I bought the
fog lights and had the 99-cobra bumper put on.

Well, if it wasn't Murphy's Law. Except this time it was 10 times the damage and it kills me to look at my car. I was parked in my parking space at work and was hit real hard on the rear end of the driver's side and scraped all the way to the front destroying every panel on that side including my cobra bumper. My mustang was knocked out of it's spot by 5 feet and up on the curb.

Ouch, that's a bummer man - MW

Damage report:
1. Broken rear axle
2. Broken left side rear shock strut (I believe)
3. Damaged rear bumper
4. Damaged rear left quarter panel
5. Damaged left side panel
6. Damaged left door
7. Damaged front left quarter panel
8. Damaged Cobra bumper
9. Damaged rear right quarter panel
10. Damaged fascia below left door
11. Missing left side scoop
12. Missing left door handle
13. Bent and cracked 35th anniversary emblem on left side (this was
14. Needs four new wheels
15. Bent frame
16. Last but not least, it needs repainting

It's nothing like having the car you always wanted destroyed when it's not your fault.

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