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Roger's 01 GT Update

35 anniv emblem on fender

Here are some before and after photos of my 2001 Black Vert Premium Edition. The after part thus far is the successful installation of the Saleen S-281 style ground effects kit and Hyperwhite light bulbs. It wasn't that easy to find a local body shop who was interested in taking on the job.

The kit comes from Saleen with-out any primer on it or paint for that matter. The pieces of the kit were in desperate need of expert finishing. Nicks had to be filled and there was a lot of prep work involved before the kit was painted and attatched to the car.

When a body shop orders an OEM bumper cover, it's in much better condition than what Saleen had provided. In following directions that were supplied by Saleen, the back seats and panels had to be totally removed.

This was to facilitate the attatchment of the Saleen style side scoops. The kit I had was created for the 2000 mustang.

Holes left over from 01 wing. One you can see in the pic above. - MW

The S-281 wing didn't cover up the two holes left behind from the removal of the 2001 wing. That meant the trunk had to taken off the car, filled, and repainted. The work was done by an Auto Body shop named Sells, which is located in N. Bellmore, N.Y. The owner is a car buff who's forte is restoring classic cars. I was always welcome to stop by and take pics of the progress. Well, it's over now and I'm enjoying the new look . I'll keep you updated. May the torque be with you all!

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