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Steeda Cruise and Test & Tune
Modern Mustangs of Tampa Bay
Photos by Jomar and text by Chris Kelly


Went thru Tech, for Friday Test & Tune, got to the line with my Dial IN and was told I better not run faster than a 12.0 without a Fire Jacket.

Needless to say I peddeled it to a 12.2@118, dammm what a track. I went back to the pits and purcased a jacket for $50.00 and a quality gage. I then put the slicks at 11.5 lbs, did a nice burnout and staged. I cut a .517 light and ran a 11.509@122 mph. I think I hurt the cluth a little and called it a night.

Saturday we went to the Steeda Cruise in Popano Beach. They had 2 cruizers for over a 120 Mustangs. The cruise was from Popano to West Palm, average speed was 90/95, I hit 130 a few times. They should have called it the Steeda Free for all.

At last Sunday was the car show, "My Maria" was at her best. Get this First place went to a 2000 Steda in the 94-99 Modified class. I'm sure that steeda co-sponsering the event had nothing to do with it, anyway took runnerup.

(Chris with his jaw dropped )



Mike and Darneen


Oh, did i mention Hooters on Saturday night, we had 8/9 girls all ove the car posing. When we thought we were done, one says " NO, you have to get some Butt Shots, who were we to argue. - Chris


Almost looked like too much fun :-) Nice pics Jomar ! and a shout out to the Modern Mustangs of Tampa Bay ! (and to all the ladies of course) -MW


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