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Ron R's 2001 GT Vert
Atlanta GA

It's here....2001 Mustang GT Premium model. Picked it up today. Tried to order the 2000 Spring Feature GT in April and missed the deadline, so I had to wait for the 2001. Ordered it in July, Ford started building it Sept 18th, drove it today, Oct 11th.....Long wait, but worth every minute of it!

It has everything the feature stang has and was cheaper due to the way Ford orders your car for 2001 with groups of items and not individual items. You can see the new style wheels for the Premium Gt. I can't decide if I like them or not.

My GT has everything on the list. Future mods will be the usual: springs, exhaust, maybe wheels, body kit, and a supercharger. The first thing is to get the windows tinted.


(Great ride Ron !. We advanced his 01 in the posting que for folks that were asking about 2001 models - MW)

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