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Susan's Stangs (99GT & 93 LX)

This is a lil update on my crazy 93 4cyl. The car is still completely stock. The best time i pulled with this crazy lil car is a 19.12 @70.98 with a 60' time of 2.830. The "mods" that i have gathered over the past 3 1/2 years are dual flowmaster exhaust w/ 2 chamber mufflers, cervini's saleen wing, 5 star pony rims, cervini's storman norman hood, sunroof, tinted windows, a stereo system and clear side markers.

After racing this car for 3 years i decided i was going to do a engine swap and make the car into a monster but instead i bought a 99 yellow gt to add to my collection future mods-praying that someone will sponser me and my dreams will come true :)

Heres my 2nd edition to my stang family.
It resides in the driveway along with the infamous teal terror-1993 lx..the driveway is running out of room!

1999 chrome yellow 35th annv. mustang gt.

current mods include k-n air filter.
Future mods-i have a few in mind but ill wait till i pay off my expensive

I bought the car on recently and had it at the track right away (i couldnt resist). I
ended up running a 14.36@ 96.97, and i didnt even run it all the way!!!! i
cant wait to see what it does when i *really* run the car!!!

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