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Kevin's Hybrid Center Console project (for 86 - 93 stangs)

MW Note: What kevin is working on is taking a console from a 96 stang and get it re-worked and fitted into an 86 - 93 stang. Shifter location and A/C controls are of course in slightly different places so this is an interesting project. Finished product sometime in the future - MW

A work in progress.

Here's the pics that I have of the modifications to the center console and
the dash. Some key points:

a)The white face guages are the VDO millenium kit, all mounted in the
locations of the original factory guages.

b)Where the original 86 fan/heater controls were is where the boost guage,
fuel pressure guage, drefroster switch, mirror switch, and air/fuel ratio
guage (It's the digital one in the right corner which will have a tinted
piece of plastic in front of it) are at.

c) The defroster switch is out of a 96 and the mirror switch is out of a
Taurus that operates mirrors from an 89.

d) The fan/heater controls that are now in the center console are also from
a 96.

Other interior mods include:
a) Auto-dimming rear-view mirror from a Mercury Grand Marquis
b) Seats from an 89 Saleen.
c) The rest of the interior is out of an 88
d) The entire color scheme is the 2-tone gray from 87.



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