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Beefcake's 99 Cobra Update
He gets into the 10's

Got the car back from Alternative Auto, Lidio did an excellent job on the car. We put in a Felpro/Speedpro Computer on the car. We went to a return style fuel system. We used the STOCK rails, and converted them to a return style rail.

Export filler neck

97 style fuel tank

We swapped to a 97 style tank, we used an export filler neck (now I can pull right up to the turbo blue pump), We used a Cartech pickup, with a Bosch External Pump. We used a Cartech Regulator. Steel Braided Lines. We wired up a MSD DIS-4 with an EDIS 8.

We used a small amount of octane boost, so we ran with about 96 octane in the car. We saw 504 RWHP and 415 RWTQ, however, that is on a Mustang Dyno which sees 8 to 12% less than a dynojet which is normally used. I took the mid and went with 10% difference. So, my official numbers are 560rwhp and 461rwtq. The car pulls hard up to 7700 rpms. Peak HP was at 7400 rpms (awesome) and peak torque is at 6400rpms. The car is seeing 14psi @ 7400 rpms, and that is with only a 3.1 pulley on the SC trim. The SC has the downgraded impeller.

I should be getting some new ET's hopefully in the next few weeks. However, i'll probably start out on Drag Radials, just to feel the car out for the first few weeks. Then back to the slicks.

Well, new best of 10.81 @ 129.08 1.57 60' that was short shifting 1-2 and 2-3 by almost 400 rpms, the car saw 14.7psi

I have gotten as low as 1.51 60' last year. The car definately has a 10.6 or lower in it!


(Last update was at 11.457 @ 123.63)

To drive safely, we aren't going over 6500 rpms, I will be swapping to a return style system here shortly. going to ride the rest of the year out so i don't have anymore down time.

The six point roll bar with swingouts is installed along with a driveshaft loop, and a 5 point 3" racing harness. So, we are now officially legal for 10's. I also had a custom swingout done by paul's automotive in cincy for me. The bar Iwent with is a maximum motorsports 6 point roll bar.

We got the Anderson power pipe on, along with an 8rib pulley setup, and SHM air to air aftercooler. We added 50 lb/hr injectors and a new proM Mass air.

Mods list:

Forgeline RS Wheels 17x11 Rear with 315's and 17x9 1/2 Front with 275's, (Weld Draglites w/ skinnies up front and 26x10 1/2 rears for the track) 92' GT Housing w/31 Spline, Auburn PRO, FMS 4.10 Gears, Upper & Lower Control Arms, FMS Adjustable Springs, Tremec 3550 Transmission, McLeod Custom Twin Plate Clutch (2 10 1/2 inch discs good for 1000 ft/lbs), Drive Shaft Loop, 6 Point Roll Cage w/swingouts, K&N Air Filter, Ported Heads, Ported FMS Shorty Headers, Bassani X Pipe, Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust, JE Forged Pistons, Manley Forged Rods, 50lb/hr Injectors, ProM MAF, SHM 8Lb (3.60 Pulley) Vortech Super Charger, SHM Aftercooler (Air to Air), 8 Rib Pulley Setup, Anderson Ford Power Pipe, Autologic Custom Dyno Tuned Chip, KB Oil Pan, KB Windage Tray, KB Front Lowering Springs, FMS Adjustable Rear Springs, Pinion Snubber, KB Sub Frame Connectors, Steeda Front Sway Bar & Bushings, 5pt Racing Harness, Autometer Phantom Boost & Fuel Pressure Gauges, MGW LTD (AC Knobs, E-Brake Handle, Light Knob, and Shifter), Steeda Pedal Covers, Kirbin Shifter, Tintend Windows 80%, Cobra Grill Emblem, Saleen Side Scoops, Steeda Rear Wing, Steeda Cobra R Hood.

Only thing left is the return style fuel system. I will also be upgrading to a t trim this winter and shooting for about 620 to 650 at the wheels! Don't forget, i drive this car 40 minutes back and forth to work each day!

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