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Joan Anderson's 99 Cobra

This 99 Mustang Cobra Convertable (#2337) belongs to my mother (Joan Anderson). She is a 50 year old 6th Grade teacher at Coleman Middle School and ironically enough, their school mascot is the Cobra. She has let me and my shop pretty much go at any modifications in an effort to make the car as fast as possible and be naturally aspirated. Modifications have been quite extensive. We have also done some dyno and track time (with me behind the wheel).

Dyno #'s:
Stock, pre fix: 248 rwhp @6100rpm 256 ft. lbs @4450rpm
Stock, post fix: 278 rwhp @6100rpm 302 ft. lbs @4500rpm
Modified: 302.4 rwhp @6200rpm 299.3 ft. lbs @4600rpm

BBK longtube headers, high flow cat h-pipe
Flowmaster American Thunder Cat Back kit
80mm Pro-M mass air meter
BBK twin 62mm throttle body (not installed at last dyno pull)
Custom mandrel bent metal inlet tube (not installed at last dyno pull)

IRS to solid rear swap
Superior axles
Auburn Pro
4.10 gearing
Aluminum driveshaft
Steeda ARUCAS and Aluminum lower control arms
Tokico shocks/struts all around
Modified Eibach lowering springs rear
H&R front coilover kit
D&D tubular k-member
D&D tubular a-arms
Steeda castor-camber plates
Kenny Brown strut tower brace
Modified KB subframes (5/8 tubular chrome-moly h's welded to plate..see pic)

Chrome Cobra R wheels
Nitto 555's and 555R Extreme Drag radials
Cobra grille embalem

35th anniversary shift knob, gauge cluster
Satin finished billet headlight, e-brake and a/c controls (I saw them here!)

All in all, I'd say I have a really cool mom. I'm glad she lets me drive
the car often and race it when I can. Best times are:
1/8 8.46 @ 87.3 mph, 1.82 60' (15psi on Nitto drag radials)
1/4 13.31 @ 105.4 mph, 1.96 60' (horrible track conditions, 95 degree heat)

I am confidant that there is a 12 sec run in this car.

- Craig Anderson (for Joan Anderson)

(Cobras mascot.. thats great !- MW)



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