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Steve's New Paint Job
(Aka Samajm)

MW- Steve's Cobra recently went through a repaint because of hail damage, interesting to see a brief rundown of the process:

A hail storm left me dozens of these pinhole size chips all over the car. Close up shown (in circle above).

At the body shop the first step is to prep any dings, dents or defects in
the body with plastic filler(i had a few nice door dings). Then the entire
car is power sanded with paper ranging from 80-600 grit

After sanding the body is wiped down and the front end was prepped with a
high-build urethane primer. Then the car is taped up and ready for painting.

Then the paint goes on. I chose Black Metallic Mist.
The car gets 3 layers of base paint and 2 of clear coat.

Then the car is dried in this same room. Normally it would be baked at 120
degrees for about 30 minutes. But since mine was the last car painted on a
Friday, it was allowed to air dry over the weekend. Finally, the car is
finished up by sanding with 1500 grit paper a compound polish and final

And this is the finished product. The car and color came out fantastic!
This whole process took about 2 weeks at a cost of $1747. I have to wait a
few weeks before I can wax it, but Zaino is on the way ! - Steven

Thanks to the crew at Larry Walker & Sons Body Shop in Archdale, NC.


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