July 12th, 2000

SPEED-PRO is proud to announce a new POWERFORGED piston for Ford 4.6L V8 applications. This high strength piston is forged using our exclusive VMS-75 high silicon alloy.

Part number LW2609F is a 3.551” bore piston with a compression distance of 1.214”. It is designed as a direct replacement for 4.6L DOHC 4 valve engines. Featuring a 2.8cc dish, this new piston will deliver a 10.35 to compression ratio when used with factory 51.8cc cylinder heads.

The 1.5mm - 1.5mm - 3.0mm ring grooves accommodate our Sealed Power E913K replacement piston ring set, which has a steel top ring for excellent durability. The piston includes the floating pin provisions required for Cobra engines. Engine builders can also use this piston in SOHC (2 valve) applications to raise compression for racing applications. POWERFORGED pistons are an excellent choice for both street performance and competition use.

SPEED-PRO POWERFORGED pistons are available from your Federal-Mogul distributor.

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