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The Legacy Continues!
Team Shinoda is formed!!

New York, November 2, 1999. KD Shinoda Design, Dallas Mustang Parts
(DMP) and DMP West have formed Team Shinoda to carry on the legacy of
legendary transportation designer Larry Shinoda.

Team Shinoda aftermarket programs include building Generation II Boss
Shinoda Mustangs, Cobra Shinoda Mustangs and Boss Shinoda Ranger pick
ups. These DMP vehicles include original Shinoda graphics, aerodynamic
and styling designs as well as killer performance features on awesome
supercharged versions.

All DMP built vehicles come with numbered certificates of authenticity
and badges and are placed in the Shinoda performance vehicle registry.
In addition, DMP will also sell Generation I graphics, spoilers and
wheel packages.

Richard Meditz of Dallas Mustang Parts (Dallas, TX) is pleased to
announce that DMP has been designated as the official licensee for the
Shinoda programs with James Klok of DMP West (Apache Junction, AZ)
selected as programs manager. DMP and Klok had been working on these
programs with Larry prior to his passing in November ‘97.

Larry Shinoda is probably best known for his role in the design of the
Chevrolet Corvette from 1963 to ‘67 and the ‘69 and ‘70 Boss Mustang
from Ford.

The Team Shinoda designs are originals from the late renowned designer
and are being produced under the direction of designers Karen D. Shinoda
and Brian Flahive, Larry’s daughter and her husband, of KD Shinoda
Design (New York). Karen and Brian have worked closely with Larry for
years on many projects including the BOSS and COBRA Shinoda programs,
Mustang Super Stallion, Firestone/Firehawk and projects for NASCAR and
Indy car teams among many others.

Team Shinoda programs also include official certification for 1994 to
‘97 (Generation I) Mustangs that have Boss Shinoda appearance packages
(graphics, spoilers, wheels etc.).

Shinoda packages are available through Ford dealers for new vehicles and
directly through Dallas Mustang for currently owned vehicles.

For performance reviews of Boss and Cobra Shinoda cars see Mustang
Illustrated, December 1999, and Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords, November
1998. It's like the good old days again: power, performance and style
at a reasonable price.

Dallas Mustang, one of the top three Mustang performance specialists in
the US, was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in a state-of-the-art
25,000 square foot facility in Dallas, Texas.

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