Source: Ford Motor Company

Ford Dealers Form Internet Site for Auto Purchases

DEARBORN, Mich. - The Ford Dealer Council said on Friday that its 4,200
dealer-members are forming, a service that will allow
customers to purchase cars and trucks from Ford Motor Co. over the Internet.

FordDirect's Web site will allow customers to configure, select, price,
finance and initiate the purchase and schedule the delivery of a new car or
truck from participating Ford dealers at any time. The transaction will be
completed by a local Ford dealer chosen by the customer.

The enterprise will be jointly owned by participating Ford dealers and Ford
Motor Co. with an independent management team. Ford Motor Co. will be an
investor, but Ford Division dealers will retain control of the new entity.
Specific percentages and other terms of the investment are not disclosed.
Dealers' participation in the venture is voluntary.

FordDirect is expected to be fully operational in September in California,
with full implementation throughout the country expected next year.

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