DETROIT -- Price changes on Ford Division cars for 2001 cover a wide range
-- from a reduction of $230 on the Crown Victoria sedans to increases of
$1,235 on the Mustang GT coupe and convertible.

And there are broad swings within individual nameplates. On the Focus, for
example, one model is unchanged from 2000, two others are up $70 and the
other two are up $380 and $760.

On the Taurus, Ford's best-selling car, the SE sedan and wagon have risen
$100, and other models have gone up $240 to $450.

Additional standard equipment accounts for much of Ford's increase.

The division has no cash rebates on 2001 models, but payments to buyers of
2000 vehicles range from $500 to $1,000 on 10 carryover lines of cars and
light trucks. That increases the spread between 2001 and 2000 transaction

Ford has dropped the Contour for 2001 and has expanded the Mustang lineup.

There are base, Deluxe and Premium versions of the Mustang coupe and Deluxe
and Premium choices for the convertible and the GT coupe and convertible.
The base Mustang coupe is up $95. Leftover 2000 Contours have a $1,500 rebate.

Ford Division said sticker prices of its 2001 cars and light trucks are an
average of $198, or 0.8 percent, higher than the final prices of 2000 models.

On a comparably equipped basis, the division said, 2001 prices are down an
average of $89, or 0.3 percent.

Ford Mustang:
*New Models for 2001

Coupe $17,380
Deluxe Coupe* 17,945
Premium Coupe* 19,175
Deluxe Convertible 22,795
Premium Convertible* 25,360
Deluxe GT Coupe 23,015
Premium GT Coupe* 24,165
Deluxe GT Convertible 27,270
Premium GT Convertible* 28,420

(no Cobra pricing included)

Thanks Samajm. Source: Automotivenews. - MW

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