Date: May 3rd, 2000
Gone in 60 seconds (original movie and new) website is the Official garage for the star "Eleanor". She's a 1973 full-throttle-speed-aderline-ford Mustang.

Denice Halicki is the widow of the famed H.B. Halicki (who made the cult classic Gone in 60 seconds) and is the ExProducer with Jerry Bruckhiemer, starring Nic Cage, Angelina Jolie and Robert Duval. She has made a web site for both Gone in 60 seconds -- with Trailers of both films and more, tons photos, info and free greeting cars for the fans of the movie and mustang lovers...

Michael Leone

MW Note: Click on the "Eleanor" link to check out the stang and you want to see the Flash version of the site.

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