Mustangworld Project 2000 GT
(Part 1 bone stock)

This GT is our first automatic V8 Mustang in the project car lineup. The other GT's and Cobra are 5 speeds. We figured to give the AOD a try this time round.

All of the Mustangworld how-to's (that were written by us) are done on our project cars (96 GT, 96 V6, 89 GT, 98 Cobra). We are still planning the mods for this project.

We ordered it with every factory option available including the Leather seating, Mach 460, Traction Control, 17"rims and the AOD. The stang ticked in at around $25k with all the add ons (doh!) but it's very nice. We wanted all the options for future articles and tests.





Initial driving impressions:

The 2000 GT feels tight and well put together. The sound of the door opening and closing is firm. Opening the power locks has a trailing "dampened" sound. The stang seems more refined in stock form. The stock springs also seem a little stiffer but still ride a mile high :-). Looks like Ford has added extra bonding and sealing material to prevent rattles in different places. That's the inital impression you get when driving in it.

You feel the standard 260HP in the pants (coming from a pre-99 spec GT).

One thing we also like is actually how well the AOD shifts (for stock programming). It shifts well and for "normal" driving and zipping around town it seems to always be in the "right" gear.

Here you can see the rear wing styling influences from the 89 in the 2000. The stock springs are still too high but the ride is nice and firm. Lowering springs are on the list of course.

The only mod at the moment (MW Crest).

Yes, no keyhole on the passenger side (started in 99)

We love it. For other 2000 bits go to page 2

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