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This year there were many people at the L.A. Auto show. While the '99 Cobra and Lightning were not there, the show proved to be a great place to see public reaction to the new stangs. The reaction was great! '99 looks to be a great year for the Mustang.

We took pics of some other cars at the show for you to see, this is our quick highlight reel of the show. There are 4 pages total including 2 index pages where you can access all of the nearly 100 pics we took at the show this year.

Enjoy the photos (Copyright 1999, Discmedia publishing).

Here's a few highlights out of those pics:

A popular Ford concept car at the show was the Ford FOCUS. Looks like this might be the car that get's Civic buyers looking at Ford :-). Ford Focus concept

Representing the '99 GT was this red one on a spinner and another gray one on the floor. The rear trunk decklid is all plastic for '99.

The '99 Cobra was a no show, as was the '99 Lightning :-(

'99 GT
Here's what the sticker on the GT coupe said. Not bad for a fully loaded Mach 460 / leather / 17"rims and all stang. 3.27's are of course standard in '99. GT sticker
Here was a black V6 vert. V6
Here is what the V6 window sticker said for the coupe. V6 sticker

Here's the poster/brochure for the Mustang that was available at the show. You should be able to get it at your local Ford dealer.

We unfolded it and snapped a shot in the studio here.

Mustang poster

What was Glenn's Cobra doing at the show ? In his dreams !... :-)

Shelby Cobra

This model looked great (and so did the car :-).

The '99 Cougar S, is a body kit concept for the Cougar. Man if this were rear wheel drive, we'd have to start another website.

'99 Cougar S concept

Panoz was showing their 4.6L DOHC powered roadster. Also standard on the Panoz is the Roush Racing rims.

Panoz roadster

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