Contributed By John (aka Kirwan)
San Diego, CA Region

100 MPH in the straights !

John (aka Kirwan)

The San Diego Region of the SCCA held a 'High Performance Car Control Clinic' at the Holtville Aerodrome International Raceway (HAIR), the weekend of March 25-26. Kevin (98GT4ME) and myself (John, aka Kirwan) attended, along with 15-20 other people in assorted street cars including: Civic, Neon, Mini, Eclipse, Firebird, SHO Taurus, RX-7 and Scirocco. Some registered for one of the days, we went for both, and stayed in a nearby hotel. The clinic consisted of three 15-20 sessions on the course per day, for a total of almost 2 hours of track time. Instructors were required for the first session, and available for subsequent sessions.

Converted from the runways of an old airfield, the raceway is a 1.44 mile loop with 6 turns, and two straightaways on which speeds of over 100mph were reached. The pictures don't do it justice; it is a nicely setup concrete surface, with good safe runouts. Several of the entrants (including myself) spun out of the turns with nothing more serious than injured pride. The crew manning the turns were extremely professional; they will be running the LA Grand Prix in a few weeks.

Kevin (aka 98GT4me)

Several other racing classes were running the final event of the winter series concurrently, so in between runs, we could watch other cars race.

Raceway Layout

Lunch Break

Open Wheel class

I highly recommend this event to all so-cal drivers. They probably won't have another until fall, like October, because it gets too darn hot out there. But very worthwhile and only $85 for the two days of driving.

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