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The Turtle Wax ICE car care system Review
by Glenn Moller

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We gave the new Turtle Wax ICE system a review, but before we start we have to ask you how may times you have read the claim "leaves no powdery residue" before ?

Well you may be pleased to know that we found all the ICE products leave absolutely NO (zero) powdery residue of any kind.

We are talking not even a tiny microscopic amount of powder residue is left anywhere... nothing... Which is amazing because we read this on other products, but still see traces of powder after we use them...but with ICE, the claim is 100% true.. ZERO powdery residue. Finally some truth in advertising.. haha.


Ok lets begin...

First we used the ICE car wash. It's a thicker mixed liquid wash, we like thick when it comes to washes, it means we can bucket wash, or dilute it down and use a spray / wash system. Either way the wash did a good job at cleaning off the dust and grime. We are not sure of the prices on the wash, but it worked great. We also use Turtle wax ZIP wash / wax which works great as well and comes at a bargin price.


Liquid Clay Bar ?


We then used the "Liquid Clay Bar" on the Mustang. This is a new twist on the whole clay bar routine. This stuff looks like a wash when applied and used. What you do is rub a section at a time until the deposits are lifted off similar to a clay bar. There are clay elements in the mixture that help this. You need to shake well before using.

The trunk area is where we always need to clay. But you can clar your whole car. How does this compare to an actual solid clay bar ? Well there is a little more elbow grease involved with the "Liquid Clay Bar" in that you have to sort of scrub an area until it starts to become clean and the elements lift off. While a regular clay bar acts like an eraser with a little less effort. However on the plus side, the "Liquid Clay bar" will probably last you a long time since we didn't have to use much of it on each section. Traditional solid clay bars won't last as long as this liquid version of it both in storage and in how many cars you can clay, etc


After we washed and liquid clay bar' d the Mustang we rinsed it off and dried the car.


Next we used the 2 different versions of the ICE polish system.. The liquid polish and the paste polish....

Ice Liquid Polish

Ice Paste Polish


Excuse the dirty applicator above, we used the other side on some dirty rims :-) Clean side for the testing.. hehe.

We are big fans of liquid polishes because of how easy they are to apply.

We have to first describe what this liquid polish is like... It sort reminds us of a tire liquid for shining up your tires.. but as anyone knows you can't put tire liquid on paint because it will streak.. but ICE is different in that you can actually put this stuff EVERYWHERE...


Put the polish on your chrome emblems....

put it on your black mirrors...

Put it on the rubber trim...

Photo shows the ICE polish on the rims, you can see it's kinda like rubbing baby oil on there, it's very clear.

Put it on your chrome rims... and let us tell you, these particular rims are (usually) a PITA to wax with all the little bolts, etc. With no residue to worry about, complex rims like these are finally something easy to do quickly.

Put it everywhere but don't put it on your windows and your tires, you could put it there if you wanted to, but we say no only because you can use other stuff on windows and tires specifically for those areas.

Paste Polish also available

There is a Turtle wax ICE paste polish available which is great for those that are paste polish fans. You take the applicator and rub it around the top surface to liquefy the polish and apply it that way.


You do your WHOLE CAR at once... and you can even do this all in the sun like we did.... Then we waited 5 minutes as per directions for the polish to dry a little on the surface of the Mustang.


Next take some micro fiber cloths, you only need one to do your whole car.

Excuse the dirty appearing cloth above, we like to recycle :-) but its clean trust us.

Here is where the magic happens as they say. You just wipe the stuff off.

It comes off very easily... and the amazing part... yes we have to say it again... NO powdery residue or ANY residue left anywhere. The micro fiber cloth sort of "lifts" the stuff off your car. You turn the cloth over (and over) as needed to wipe it off your entire car.

You can take a magnifying glass outside and try to look for any residue... there is none.. anywhere.

The product does not really dry to a "haze" but it dries to these little clear droplets in areas where ICE may have been over applied. But it still comes off with ease.

In fact, if you happen to miss a spot you probably won't even be able to notice because the stuff is very clear. We know why they named it "ICE" now :-)

Again an area where ICE really helps is doing complex chrome rims. Because the stuff is literally clear as ice, you can just wipe the stuff on your rims (with complex bolts, spokes, etc..) and just wipe it off. You can throw away your old toothbrush you used to get wax out of the cracks. With ICE there is nothing left over to wipe up.

If you really over applied the stuff or perhaps got it in some wet areas, you may get a streak here and there.. which is easily wiped off. Since we usually do the whole car with just one micro fiber cloth.

We can usually use one cloth to remove polish on 3 or 4 cars before we need to wash the cloth.. maybe more depending on how you apply the polish.

Turtle wax has come up with a way to apply polish with a delivery system that is unique in how easy it's applied and removed and that can be applied to pretty much your whole car at once. It shines up the paint AND the rubber trim...It's then wiped off 5 minutes later.

Another note is how little of the stuff we actually used. We polished up a Mustang, 2 trucks and an RV and only seemed that a few cap fulls of ICE were used :-)

The final touch is you can spray down some detailer on the surface to give it that extra shine. You can also use this between polishing.


Bottom line...

Bottom line is at $13 - $17 (polish) Turtle wax ICE is not the least expensive polish on the market... But it is something that made us go "whoa!" after we used it because of how easy it was to use and the results.

The entire system works great, but if you are tight on the budget then the Liquid Polish (or paste of you prefer that) is something you should absolutely try. It goes a long way, offers great UV protection and one bottle should last you a while and the ease of use (application and removal) is a real joy.


That's it.. until next time See ya on the street ! - MW


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