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Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain's 21st Annual Show
Sunday 25th, 2000

Photos by Mark Hayden, Tim Griffiths and John Ralston
Article by Mark Hayden

The Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain's 21st Annual Show took place on Sunday 25th June. With over 250 Mustangs attending, it was the largest number of Mustangs in one place in the UK for many years. Taking place at Wimpole Hall for the second year, we had great weather and even some Mustang Owners from mainland Europe. With 800 members in the UK, seeing this many Mustangs in one place is a site to see.

We were lucky enough to see the Cobra R, Unfortunately the Super Stallion was damaged by the Air Freight company, so its gone back to be fixed. Maybe we will see it next year (3rd time lucky).

Team Mustang were also in attendance to solicit views on wether the new Mustang should be brought to Europe.

Mark Hayden (me) and 1994 Pace Car

1994 Cobra Pace Car

2000 Cobra R

2000 Cobra R

2000 Cobra R, 1999 Cobra and 1999 SVT Lightning

Nigel Hurley's 1966 GT350H

Nick and Rachel Boorman's 1997 GT Vert

1997 Cobra Coupe

Tim Griffiths 1997 Cobra Vert

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