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Mustang Club of Central Iowa meeting at the International Go-Cart track in Marshalltown, Iowa
Club website:
Photos and text by Robert Kibby

The club holds two events each year, and this was the second event. This was my first time there, it was great and the club members were very nice to me and my friends.

There had to be at least 40 mustangs, 1 DOT Crown Vic, and 1 Acura NSX. There were mustangs from all over Iowa, couple even made the trip from Omaha, Nebraska.

The Go-cart track is .6 of a mile, we did two laps to get a time. Most cars were running from 1.25 sec to 1.46 sec. The modified ones were running between 1.19 to 1.23 sec.

This Coupe has a 347 strocker w/all of your mean components to carve the corners really hard. The owner stated that he got help in the chassis from HP MotorSports in Omaha.

Heres 010 running the turns really hard. He was running 1.24 sec times most of the day.

Heres what I think is a 67. This FastBack had a very nice set-up, totally for the track. NICE CAR!!!!

Durning this picture this 67 found some problems with the engine. Sounded like a valve or pushrod! Too bad, it was running very strong earlier!!

Here is some of the MCCI club members cars. They all had some very impressive cars.

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