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30th Annual World of Wheels in Birmingham, Alabama
Photos by Joey

I was recently entered in a car show here in Birmingham, Alabama (30th Annual World of Wheels) and thought I would share some photos of 'stangs and other interesting vehicles. Feel free to show all or just some of the following pictures. I forgot about your site doing car show pics or I could've taken lots more, there were 275 cars competing and at least 25 just on display from vendors, etc.

My vehicle, 99 Cobra, which has been featured here twice..

Texas Bikini Team

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In the photos above are:

A 1970 Boss 302 "Agent Orange"
There were THREE 1968 GT500KR's
A beautiful 1968 Mustang Coupe (with a fuel injected 302)
Red 68 'Vert

A 1989 LX 5.0, former Florida Highway Patrol car *note the doughnut box in the rear window*
1969 Fairlane with a factory 428 Cobrajet
96 Cobra with Shinoda striping package
Silver 2000 Saleen

Now for some fun vehicles...

1 of the original General Lee's from the TV series...
Ultra-rare 67 GTO in Plum Mist paint, only 1 of 45 built in that color...
Rare 55 Chevy Nomad, killer car...

93 Ferrari F355
Black Prowler

Got Rice? This display was hilarious and I found out later this car runs in the 12's DOH!

And finally, gotta have girls at a car show.. some of the Texas Bikini Team signing autographs

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