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California Speed Meet, Valencia / Pismo Beach CA
Part 1

Photos by The Phantom and Matt of Strictly

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Matt of Strictly pics
NorCal crew

Justin aka 96DOHC's '96 white Cobra, my aka Matt of
Strictly's '96 black Cobra

ContourSVT1 : unidentified

unidentified red GT, Kevin's 2k Roush

Kevin's 2k Roush GT again, Mike's '89 LX again, unidentified
red GT hatch, Mario aka SITH289's '85 SVO

Joanne's '99 35th Anniv silver GT, Darin's black '91 GT vert,
Kevin aka Roush2k 2k Roush GT

Darin's '91 GT vert, Chris' '92 LX red vert,
Mike aka fiveohatch's '89 LX, Kimi's '99 T/A

unidentifed black GT, Mike aka fiveohatch's '89 LX, Kevin aka
Roush2k's 2k Roush GT, Kimi's '99 T/A

Steven's '00 SS (SoCal), my aka Matt of Strictly's black '96
Cobra, Joanne's '99 35th Anniv. GT

Chris' '92 LX red vert, Bryan aka Bryan99gt's blown '99 GT,
unidentifed '99 GT black with Razzi body kit, Carlos' black '99 Cobra, Justin
aka 96DOHC's white '96 Cobra

Matt aka Matt00gt's '00 GT, Mike aka PD Lightning's '00
Lightning (both SoCal)

Phantom Pics

Kevin's (y2kRoush)

NorCal attendee with GTS "Phantom" light covers and Razzi body kit.

My Stang

"Ando's" 430CLK. Sweet car!

Lightnings !

Corvette Z06

The guy in the background wearing the blue shirt is my buddy, the owner of the supercharged S281 that I drove up here with. He's also a mechanic over at Chicane Sport Tuning. Rene's supercharged S281

This is the engine of a Buick Grand National with a turbo system pushing 480rwhp and running mid 10's according to the owner.


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