'99 Fabulous Fords Forever show pics
50+ all new '99 stangs !

Photos by Mustangworld.

This is one of the largest annual all Ford auto shows in the world. This year there were many stangs as usual. Here are some highlights. Click here for photo index page. In the photo index you will also find virtually every color new 99 stang available :-)

Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, start your engines !

There were soo many supercharged engines at the show it was unreal.

Here was a Supercharged 3.8L from a V6 Mustang.

Pics of these stangs are on page 2.

3.8L supercharged

Here was a supercharged 4.6L. In case you are wondering where the spark plug wires are, there are none :-)

It's a Vorteched '99 Roush w/ BBK 70mm Throttle body.

'99 Roush supercharged
If you prefer you can go with a Saleen supercharged 4.6L, shown here on a Saleen '99 S281. Saleen supercharged
Or Perhaps a Vorteched 4.6L DOHC Cobra ? 4.6L Cobra supercharged

Mabye a Supercharged 5.4L (from the '99 SVT lightning ).

5.4L supercharged

How about a supercharged 5.0?

5.0 supercharged

Mabye you want normally aspirated.. How about a V10 in a Mustang !


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