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It was only a few months back (April) that Chris Kelly, Tim Bowman, James Broda and Dave Lally began talking at a local car show about their combined interest in Modern ('87 - higher) Mustangs. They talked about the fact that there were Mustang clubs, but most involved Classic Mustangs, and the members tended to not take the newer, Modern Mustang owners quite too seriously, as they tended to not be as serious as themselves. They agreed that, for the most part, this might be true. But they also agreed that there had to be a pretty large number of '87+ Mustang owners that would be interested in forming a group that could meet at car shows, cruise and go to the track to safely and sensibly share their enthusiasm for their beloved automobiles.

This being the case, they decided to start "Modern Mustangs of North America " (MMTB). Since its inception only a short while ago, there have been over 50 applications filled out, and our attendence at the car shows we frequent is amazing. The car club is one of the fastest growing (and racing) clubs in the Southeast, with 50 members since it first was concieved only 2 months ago (80+ at last count).

Visit the Club Website for more pics and event info.

Below are pics from various club events:

MW Comment: That's one killer pony banner !

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