Boyd Coddington's Signature Series
Mustang and the Crazy Horse II

Photos by Glenn Moller

Boyd Coddington's Signature Series
Mustang and the Crazy Horse II
Unveiling at Boyd Coddington's Shop
La Habra, CA

There has been a lot of excitement over the totally redesigned 2005 Mustang, and now there is even more to get excited about. Boyd Coddington and Xtreme Mustang Performance have teamed up to build a limited amount of the Boyd Coddington Signature Series Mustangs. Only 1000 of these special creations will be available in four select color choices, Screaming Yellow, Torch Red, Mineral Grey and Black.

Each car will come with painted racing stripes on the hood, roof in either silver, black, yellow or white. Of the four versions, the one everyone will want will be the Screaming Yellow with silver racing stripes. This car will stand out as the Crazy Horse II, designed after the original 65 Mustang built on the hit series American Hot Rod and dubbed Crazy Horse. The Boyd Coddington Signature series are available in Torch Red, Mineral Grey and Black.

You can order your own Boyd Coddington limited edition Crazy Horse II or Signature Series from the selected Boyd Coddington authorized Ford Dealer in your area.

Boyd Coddington and Eric Cheney unveil the Crazy Horse II

The Exhaust note of this car was amazing.

You can order one with up to 800HP if you wanted.

For more info contact Extreme Mustang Performance

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