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BBK's New Reasearch & Design Facility

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BBK Performance New 25,000ft research and design facility.

Well it's been 5 years since we took a tour of BBK's last custom manufacturing facility, recently we were invited to tour BBK's new and additional 25,000ft R&D / parts facility.

Since 1988 - BBK has dedicated itself to designing and building cutting-edge high-performance parts and accessories for today's EFI-equipped auto & truck models while maintaining the OEM quality levels.

2004 marked the opening of an additional 25,000 sq. ft. research and design facility that also houses their own in-house mold facility, which has been busy cranking-out a record number of new products. Some of these new products include the all-new line of "SSI-Series" performance intake manifolds for such popular models as the 5.0L Ford Mustang, GM LS-1 series and the 1.8L Honda.

Let's take the tour !

We didn't know this, but BBK actually designs their own buildings. They don't just move into a place, they designed and built their last 2 facilities from the ground up.

This means nice office spaces with vaulted ceilings, real hardwood floors, private bathrooms, high speed internet, the works :-) The "name" of their building is simply "2004" (with a small plaque in front) the year it was built.

Brian's main office opens up into a large open glass area that also looks down onto the first floor entrance. BBK also purchased the lot across the street for future expansion.

Moving down the halls we get to the conference area and other offices for sales, R&D, computer aided design, etc.

We still have BBK's first catalog from close to 2 decades ago (their catalogs over the years showcased on the wall), and we watched the company grow from a little rented garage space to what they have today.

Walking downstairs we see the dyno-pit being created that will compliment the test area in the facility. Which should be installed by the time you read this.

This entire area is being built up as a full dyno and showcase area where for example installation instruction sheets and other parts info is created.

Here is an overlook of their parts manufacturing area. In this facility, they do R&D / testing and the EFI parts. Their other facility now exclusively does the BBK exhaust parts.

Parts start out as blocks of cast aluminum, then they are machined down to throttle bodies, intake products, etc.

Here you can see on the left some intake parts being created.

This is a new for 05 / 06 intake cover part being made.

and it pops off the line looking something like this. Finishing and polishing and other assembly comes later on down the line.


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