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Saleen Show 2001 S281 E

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Newest Saleen is the Fastest, most powerful Mustang Now Available.

Today the company announced the release of its most powerful refined sports car to date - the S281E. Boasting the most powerful engine available in today's Mustang based market, the newest member of the Saleen family is also the most refined Mustang the company has ever offered to the public.

The "E" stands for "Extreme" given the cars list of performance features, the S281-E uses a specially-prepared Saleen powerplant that provides a whopping 425 horsepower at 5,400 RPM, matched by an impressive 440 ft. lbs. of torque !

"We are very proud of our newest addition to the Saleen line-up" Explained company founder Steve Saleen.

"While our S281 supercharged model sets the benchmark in performance, handling and top speed, we wanted to provide the hard-core enthusiast with the ultimate example of Saleen Mustang techonology and innovation. The S281-E is in perfect keeping with our corporate mission of providing our clients with branded products that deliver the ultimate performance combined with real functionality and cutting edge style".

New hood and wing style

The life of the S281-E begins, like all Saleen production cars, on the floor of the company's new 131,000 square foot facility. The new car proceeds down Saleen's assembly line.

For the S281-E the list of standard equipment includes:
Quick ratio 6 speed manual transmission
Complete Saleen racecraft suspension including raced developed shocks, springs and boxed rear control arms.
A refined rear end assembly featuring the new Saleen "MaxGrip" speed-sensitive limited slip diff.
A high performance Saleen braking system and complete Saleen interior.

Outside the body receives the latest in Saleen aerodynamics along with the customer's choice of Speedlab Yellow, Saleen S7 Silver, Pearl White, Lizstick Red (that's Liz stick:-), Black Metallic, Beryllium, Victory Blue or Bright Signature Red by BASF.

The S281-E rolls on high performance Pirelli P-zero tires and huge 18" Saleen designed alloy.

S281-E in Speedlab yellow, a custom Saleen color (not a standard Ford factory color).

At the heart of the S281-E's performance is the highly potent powerplant. Built in house under the experienced guidance chief engineer Neil Hannermann and engine department manager Bill Tally (hey Bill ! - MW :-), the 281CID 4.6L engine is comprised of a special forged steel Saleen crankshaft, forged connecting rods, forged alum. pistons and unique Saleen alum. cylinder heads featuring special valve springs and the latest Saleen performance camshafts. An 11" alum. flywheel uses a kevlar padded clutch disc to transfer the power to the 6-speed trans by way of custom balanced driveshaft.

In addition to the increased displacement of the special "E" engine, a brand new Saleen series V "screw type" supercharger is utilized, along with a Saleen water to air intercooler with heat exchanger. The engine is feed via a specially designed Saleen 90mm Mass air sensor, inlet tube and manifold, while exhaust is routed through a Saleen designed 2.5" stainless steel, four-way catalytic, high flow exhaust. Engine management is handled by sequential electronic fuel injectors and the new Saleen "Powerflash" performance calibration computer.

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