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SEMA 2006

2006 SEMA Showcase
Jason Cenora's Shelby Prototype CS8

Photos by Henry, Glenn & Jorgen Moller

Jason's latest creation is this insane supercharged 06 Shelby Proto CS8. Here it's being shown with the Beautiful Krista S. who by the way herself is an avid racer in New Jersey.

Krista has her own Supercharged Mustang that she races often and she knows her tech details to boot. Look for her feature in MW Select Stangs.

This just in ! Jason wins 06 Grand Turismo award, Look for this Mustang in the next GT racing game !

Click below for larger version:

This is as close to a mod list as we have right now, look for more info up soon.

Jason's ride is sponsored by Hillbank Motorsports.

Ned's Mustang ! the blown V6 with an attitude. Look for a future updated feature of Ned's Mustang, it's been completely re-worked since the Saleen show.

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